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Hiring Interview: Two Purposes

Yesterday we covered the main purpose of the resume: to land you an interview. You’ve scheduled your first interview, congratulations! There are 2 key sub-points that will help get both the candidate and the employer across the finish line:

Your Resume Has Only 1 Purpose

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by candidates is for feedback on their resume. [For a full breakdown, see my Job Guide on our website]. But I wanted to highlight a few key points here to help guide…

When To Hire An External Recruiter?

Both in-house recruiting and headhunting firms have their merits. The key is knowing when to use each. For most mid-level roles, in-house Talent Acquisition teams can handle the job effectively, using platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Take Control Of Your Job Search

In the quest for a new job, you will face confusion and challenges. Here are actionable steps to make your job search more efficient. Leverage Networks: Use your professional and personal networks. Sign up for job notifications on platforms like LinkedIn Jobs and Indeed.

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