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AI & Recruiters

As AI models progress from narrow AI to AGI, universities and corporations develop and refine automation algorithms to replace human labor with technology.

Hiring: Same as Listing a Home?

When you list a home for sale, the first 2 weeks are the most crucial. This is when you get multiple offers. If the home doesn’t sell, potential buyers begin to think “What’s wrong with the house?” There’s no second shot at making a great first impression.

The Bud Light HR Blunder

With a big PR problem on their hands, a boycott by their core consumers, and a $6bn market cap shrinkage, the brass at Bud Light is now in full damage control mode.

Outsourcing Executive Search: A Real Upside

HR Managers know hiring for the C-Suite is both a serious challenge –
– considering the fallout of making a wrong decision — and a time-consuming process that may last several months. The higher the position, the higher the stakes.

Zeitgeist & Hiring

In this job market, employers court top talent intensely to prepare for a recession and HR Managers focus their hiring on two factors:

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