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Why Retained Search (Part 3)

Reason #3 why choose the Retained Search model

Direct Recruit Top Passive Talent

Perhaps the most important benefit of working with a retained search firm is knowing that you will gain access to the best talent – passive candidates. These are candidates who are currently working at your competitors, are successful and not looking for a new opportunity. A retained search professional is able to sell these candidates on why your opportunity would be worth listening to and how it would enhance their career and get them to be willing to speak with your firm.

A retained search firm will do their due diligence in researching and identifying who your competitors are, and which players at these companies they should speak with, either as a fit themselves or someone likely a degree removed from the right candidate who can provide a referral.

This way, when a candidate is submitted for consideration, I know they are exactly what my client is looking for and consistently get feedback validating this.

I’ve heard from countless clients that they are tired of receiving the kitchen sink of resumes that come with posting an ad. One client shared he had posted an ad looking for a Chief Financial Officer and received a resume from a Tractor Driver. Not exactly the background he was hoping for.

Conversely, I have a client I placed a Sales Director with 9 years ago and the candidate is still there. Upon making the placement the hiring manager was pleasantly surprised that I was able to find the perfect candidate that was right in his “backyard” and he didn’t know it. That’s the power of passive talent recruitment.

Passive candidates have a proven track record of success within the industry and within a similar role so are as close to a guarantee of future success as it gets.

I hope this was informative. Tune in to my next video outlining Reason #4 of why  selecting a Retained Search partner is a wise choice.