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AI to Recruit Humans?

SAAS: Does Your C-level Blend Dreamers & Doers?

In a post-pandemic era, AI tools like ChatGPT are making fast inroads in the workplace.

The staffing industry already uses AI as a growth multiplier, so much so that the rate of adoption of AI raises the question: How will this affect recruitment?

Despite obvious benefits in terms of scalability, cost efficiency and time savings, DSC firmly believes AI won’t replace a recruiter anytime soon.

“It removes bias in recruitment”: that’s the sales pitch for AI. But can it replace the personal touch? The necessity for personal assessment?

AI lacks judgement. It can’t gauge a person’s confidence, presentation, communication skills, or the Je-ne-sais-quoi factor, perceived only by the human soul.

Intangible, qualitative aspects can only be seen or felt by a human. At DSC, we don’t believe we’ll ever see the day where an organization can solely rely on AI to select its next CEO or key executives.

Human interaction is the most vital aspect of a recruiter’s success.

The use of AI is fraught with risks of inaccuracy, and a very limited ability to deal with behavioral complexities and social clues.

AI doesn’t have empathy. It is devoid of emotions. Its “creativity” is computational.

Yes, it improves recruitment in many ways (e.g. automating responses to speed up communication & engagement). But not high value-adding tasks.

At DSC, we use AI for search speed. But rest assured that when you call, it’s a human being who answers and works with you.