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Hiring Interview: Two Purposes

Yesterday we covered the main purpose of the resume: to land you an interview. You’ve scheduled your first interview, congratulations!

There are 2 key sub-points that will help get both the candidate and the employer across the finish line:

1- Are you qualified?

The first thing the hiring manager wants to confirm before moving a candidate past the first interview is are you qualified? Can you do the job?

Be prepared with specific examples and success stories relevant to the job description.

Be prepared with good reasons for any job hops or shorter stays you’ve recently had. Think as if you were on the other side evaluating yourself for the position and poke holes in your resume, asking “is there anything that would discount me from this position?”

If so, have your guns loaded with answers to questions you know will be asked.

2– Do you like each other?

By the end of the process, offers go out to candidates that hiring managers see themselves best working with every day.

This goes both ways: you need yourself to feel you will enjoy working there.

But do everything you can to build rapport and establish a good connection with everyone you interview with, especially the main hiring manager you’ll be reporting into.

That will separate you from the others who also are qualified to do the job. Click on Learn More and read about taking control of your job search.