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Candidates: How To Navigate The Offer Stage

In my previous post, I took you (the executive looking for a new position) through the respective purposes of (1) your resume and (2) the interview.

Say you’ve nailed them both, and you have now received an offer.

The purpose of the offer is for employer and candidate to confirm in writing their respective expectations:
• Position offered
• Work schedule & location
• Compensation & benefits.

Is this offer right on the money?

As the candidate, you have to strike a delicate balance: not leaving money on the table… but not asking for too much at the risk of turning off the Hiring Manager.

Best way to go about this? Have a professional recruiter negotiate this stage for you.

Next best way? Talk to a couple recruiters to make sure you have a good read on the going rate for the position, and base your ask on factual data points.

Now you are ready for the ask. How would you go about it?

“I would be looking for a $325k Base, $650k OTE + Equity”.


“Market rate for a CRO in the SaaS industry with 10 years of experience is $300k Base, $600k OTE + Equity, and I bring 20+ years to the table so would be looking for a $325k Base, $650k OTE + Equity”.

The latter sounds more convincing, doesn’t it?

There are many more details to cover on the topic, but the main takeaway is this: “Know what to ask for, and how to ask for it.”

Enter the relationship on the right foot. If you need advice, call us.