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Still Thrilled Like On Day 1… Or Not?

Your first few months on this new executive job were exciting. So many new challenges to tackle!

And yet, around the first anniversary, the thrill is gone. The fire you once had is… just not burning like before.

There are many reasons for this, the biggest of which sums up to Disappointed Expectations. What the promised role was to be… is not what it is in reality.

It could be due to a sudden change of funding and resources… Or a new manager came in and decided on a different plan… Pick your evil.

As a long-time professional recruiter, I can tell you one thing though: your employer sincerely wants you to be doing well and be fulfilled in your job.

They invested a lot of money, time and resources into bringing you on board and training you up so you could be successful.

They cringe at the idea of having to do it again if you were to leave.


Prior to letting it get to that point, act.

Stay in communication with your manager and with HR. Discuss with them your goals and expectations, and how they could align with the new direction the company took.

In all cases, make sure you take a good shake at working things out before making the jump and, perhaps, repeating the same cycle somewhere else… where the grass may not be greener after all.