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Your Resume Has Only 1 Purpose

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by candidates is for feedback on their resume. [For a full breakdown, see my Job Guide on our website]. But I wanted to highlight a few key points here to help guide you in a subject riddled with many opinions and misconceptions: what should a “good” resume look like?

1- Virtually no one reads “cover letters”. No need to write one: recruiters jump right to your resume.

2- A misconception too many hold onto is that the resume must be restricted to 1 page.

That may work if you have less than 5 years of work experience out of college. But if you are an experienced executive, stuffing things on 1 page is not doing your background justice.

So long as the content is relevant, don’t worry about length. 2-3 pages is great, 4 if justified.

No one prints your resume. They look at it on screen. They can easily scroll through, or search by keyword.

Ultimately, the ONE purpose of your resume is to get an interview — that’s it.

View it from that perspective: when recruiters scan your resume, do they have a reason to discard it or… is it compelling enough to make them want to speak with you?

May you get many interviews!

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