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Conducting a Confidential Executive Search

Do you need to replace an executive or HR professional? Retaining an executive search firm is the right solution if you plan to keep things confidential.

Here’s why:

If you post an ad, two events are likely to happen: (a) you will get active candidates who are out of a job and not a fit for the position; (b) the person to be replaced has a high probability of stumbling upon the ad, recognize it as their own job, and quit before you are ready to let them go.

An executive search firm has access to competitors and other industry professionals as a neutral 3rd party… Without ever mentioning your name.

To be on the safe side, your executive search firm will implement an NDA into the process: any potential candidate will be required to sign it prior to being told your company name.

This is the right way to mitigate the risk of word getting back to the employee being replaced.

Dynamic Search Consulting is a boutique executive search firm located in the Silicon Valley. Working on a “retained” basis with a specific search process, we can perform a confidential executive search for your company and present you with qualified top talent in much less time than the average search.

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