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Getting Ahead of the
January War for Talent

What’s the most difficult time to hire top talent? Q1. Why? And how do you get ahead of the curve?

It’s about that time when people will start wishing each other “Happy Holidays!”. A period of significance for recruiters.

Historically speaking, hiring comes to a grinding halt between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve because:

• Hiring managers and candidates are less available to interview — they are on vacation;

• Many candidates won’t want to leave their current employer until they receive their end-of-year bonus.

On the contrary, January is when candidates make New Year’s resolutions (and begin their job search) and hiring managers come back from vacation (and set the next year’s hiring budget).

The outcome? Frantic rush for talent in Q1, heavy competition… It’s more difficult to find top talent.

The solution is simple: Hire now!

At least begin recruiting and interviewing candidates in November and December. Have your offer out, and land your hires with a January start date… before everyone else gets to them.

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