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Goal Planning: How Well are you Prepared for 2023?

As we navigate away from 2022 and its uncertain weather, we enter 2023 and waters that could be frankly rough.

No matter how the economy and social tensions evolve, businesses that stand the strongest chances to make it through will necessarily have strong internal goal planning, workforce buy-in, and workforce coordination.

In rough weather, a tight ship is “at the ready” to face sudden changes. Likewise, businesses must be able to change tack as a function of strong demand winds and undercurrents.

Loose crews have no chance of being fast enough on their feet to pull through. Massive layoffs usually ensue.

Management must be able to communicate a sense of certainty and stability to the workforce. This is done by communicating well around solid strategic planning and fallbacks.

Goal planning for 2023 will take care of Plan B. And Plan C.

Workforces love good planning because it means security. They readily buy into solid planning, even when sacrifices may have to be made.

Recent history taught us as much: people will worship at the altar of the flimsiest science if they believe they stand a better chance to survive.

Careful planning for the worst, strong buy-in, and tight workforce coordination around evolving tactics are essential components of survival. FY2023 promises to be a watershed year.

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