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#2 Trade Secret of a Headhunter
to Find Suitable Executives

Our previous post walked you through how to perform a good custom research, and build a strong target list of executive candidates.

Next comes the fun part: REACHING OUT.

Reach out to all of them, in all avenues and many times. Specifically: call them and leave a voicemail; send them an email; connect with them on LinkedIn, and message them there. Some candidates check their voicemail or email. Others log in to their LinkedIn account frequently. Hitting them on all avenues almost guarantees you to reach them.

Not only that, but when they see you reached out to them via phone AND email AND LinkedIn (the trifecta), it also instills a sense of urgency for them to call you back.

THE REWARD: Depending on the search, you should get about a 10% response rate from this initial outreach. This % of response might very well be enough to fill the position.