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Holidays Approaching:
Time To Shop For Talent!

Time flies, we’re approaching year-end and employers face the same dilemma: “Should I fill my hiring needs BEFORE the holidays, or AFTER the New Year?”

Many naturally lean towards the New Year to skip bringing someone on during slow season when most everyone takes their vacations.

I have been in Executive Search going on 13 years now, and my advice is hire them NOW.

This is not as a sales pitch but a genuine advice.

Here’s why:

1- Bringing someone on in October-November allows for training and ramp-up time during typically slower periods. So, come busy season in January, they’re ready to fire on all cylinders!

2- You get first pick of the litter while most employers are asleep at the wheel, enjoying their vacations and waiting till January when the rush season starts, and the highest number of employers and recruiters are now reaching out frantically to candidates to fill out their open positions.

Do you have a key position to fill? Give us a call.