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Proactive Vs. Reactive Recruitment

Most companies start looking for candidates only when a position becomes suddenly vacant. This lack of foresight creates an emergency: the position must now be filled ASAP.

The urgency leads to either rushing the recruitment process and making mistakes in the choice of candidates, or losing money since finding a worthy replacement usually takes months and the key position will remain vacant meanwhile.

Could this be avoided? Yes. Here are a few solutions:

• Communicate with your employees; gauge their happiness level, and ensure any areas of concern are being addressed.

• Keep a recruitment partner on retainer feeding you a steady flow of qualified resumes each month, especially for positions frequently in demand (e.g. in Sales and Engineering). This will create a strong pipeline that can be tapped in short order. This resume pool will be available at all times, both for replacement and for growth purposes.

• Have a strong recruitment strategy and process in place, ready to be implemented. This may happen through a trusted and vetted recruitment partner with pre-negotiated terms, ready to be engaged… or through an internal process such as email blast network, LinkedIn message hot prospects, posting ads on careers page, etc.

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