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Where To Find Top Talent Today?

Pandemic or not, hiring rush or slow season, the rules of the HR game haven’t changed. Particularly at the leadership level. With rare exceptions, the best candidates are passive: they have a job today and are not actively looking.  However, they may be open to listening… if you ferret them out and cultivate a relationship.  This contrasts with active candidates, who submit their resumes to ads and job postings. Active candidates are highly motivated to find a new position, but as an employer, you compete with all the other employers.  As an executive search firm focusing on serving the recruitment needs of SaaS and technology companies, we primarily seek out passive candidates. Where do we find top passive candidates?  That’s the easy part: the two best sources are LinkedIn and referrals.  The real question is: once you found them, how do you land them? There the rubber meets the road. This is our specialty, and we have developed a process to that end.  If you are in search of top executive talent, don’t care too much sifting through 500 resumes… and would rather be presented a few top candidates with a very well-defined profile, give us a call.