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Your Organizational objectives for 2023?

Your Organizational objectives for 2023?

The new fiscal year is around the corner. Q4 is traditionally the time for organizations to reflect on their OKRs and KPIs for the next year.

We owe the first roadmap to sound OKRs to Andy Grove of Intel, and his protégé John Doerr, who codified the method in his book “Measure What Matters”.

2023 seems poised to be a year of uncertainty, maybe even a tough recession year. How is your organization preparing to face both best-case and worst-case scenarios?

What objectives is your HR department setting up to adapt to what’s coming your way? What key results are you defining to measure how well your organization navigates these predictably choppy waters?

Dynamic Search Consulting can assist in the execution of the operational decisions intended to tailor your executive workforce to be ready for 2023.

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