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2 Top Picks, it’s Decision Time:
Personality & Cultural Fit

Two contenders remain for the position to fill, and you have to select one. Let’s look at “personality” and “cultural fit”, two elements of choice not found on a resume.

Your due diligence include background and reference checks. If hiring for a financial position, a credit check.

But beyond that, you want to hire a good person, someone who cares about your stakeholders. Someone trustworthy, and easy to work with.

How do you find out?

Assessment tests sure help, but the best way to go is… live, in-person communication.

Meet them over coffee or lunch. Ask them about their passions, family, travels, goals and purposes. Get to know them.

Oftentimes, you’ll see one candidate opening up very comfortably and naturally, freely telling you what you need to know. The other being a bit more reserved, keeping things closer to the vest.

Out of respect for their privacy, avoid asking questions that are too personal or invasive. But notwithstanding, the candidates’ willingness to share about themselves is a prime indicator of their suitability for your position.

I guarantee you’ll walk away from that lunch or coffee meeting with slightly more “warm and fuzzy” feelings towards one candidate over the other.

Trust your instinct, it’s right. That’s who you hire.

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