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A Recruiters Secret
to Attracting Top Talent

As a recruiter, I often hear from my clients, when presenting a top candidate from one of their competitors: “How did you get the candidate interested? We sent him an email, and reached out on LinkedIn, and never got a response.

When it comes to top talent — which in most cases are people in a job today, gainfully employed and not looking — the keyword is PERSISTENCE.

These days, I follow-up between 5-15 times via phone and email before finally getting the desired candidate to respond, and say: “I admire your persistence, what do you have that is so special?”

And the rest is history… as getting in the door is the hardest part.

For example, I had a commercial real-estate client in need of a Director of Sales. They were very specific in the skill set they were looking for, and were pleasantly surprised that we ultimately found them a candidate right in their backyard, from a known player in their space that they were unable to find and attract on their own.

I was referred to this candidate and simply stayed persistent until given the opportunity to present my client’s position to the candidate and capture their interest. More than 8 years later, the candidate still works there.

Don’t have the time to be that persistent, or simply need an expert to do it on your behalf? Consider giving me a call.