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AI & Recruiters

SAAS: Does Your C-level Blend Dreamers & Doers?

As AI models progress from narrow AI to AGI, universities and corporations develop and refine automation algorithms to replace human labor with technology.

The concept isn’t new: it is just being revisited as AI is now capable of performing a sequence of office tasks. AutoGPT probably is one of these significant watersheds.

As professional recruiters, we already use AI to perform more effectively some of our back-office work: research, data gathering, outreach, appointment scheduling.

All of us will at some point use AI bots to find even more accurately predictive data points on possible executive profiles.

But could we use AI to monitor our recruitment interviews, suggest questions to ask candidates, and interpret their responses?

In the context of language analysis, GPT-4 is a big leap forward. How long will it take researchers to pair up LLMs with voice capture and analysis technologies to get a real-time analysis of a candidate level of certainty and accuracy on a given topic, and degree of truthfulness in non-rote answers?

For now, recruiters get to keep their jobs: AI doesn’t have the skill set necessary to “sell” a company to a high-value candidate and negotiate a compensation package.

That’s only a reprieve however. Some predict AGI right around 2060. The pathway will be littered with redundancies, episodes of downsizing and retooling…

Time will tell. Meanwhile, let’s deal human to human. Give us a call for your executive recruitment needs.