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As Work Becomes Remote,
“Cultural Fit” Sheds Some of Its Importance

For years, hiring a candidate that was a good “cultural fit” was a buzzword among recruiters and HR professionals. With many office-based positions shifting to remote however, the notion is becoming less important.

Companies are less concerned about personality fit as long as a new employee has the skills and experience necessary to perform the job, and get results… and doesn’t make any waves with colleagues and customers.

For many, the interview process has become impersonal as well: hiring decisions are made without meeting in person.

Some things won’t ever change, however: people hire people they like and get along with. It is likely hiring managers will hire less for “company cultural fit” and select more people they have good personal rapport with, and can work well with.

If you are a candidate, be sure to make a good impression on the person you would report to… That very well could land you the job.

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