Christmas Bonuses &
Employee Retention

It is frustrating to reward an employee with a year-end bonus… only to see them leave right after the New Year.

January is notorious for New Year’s resolutions, one of which for many is “Get A New Job!”

While unavoidable, employee turnover during this time can be mitigated with extra signs of appreciation.

Reinforce morale and rapport in your teams with a fun holiday party, Secret Santa gifts, holiday decorations, hot cocoa in the office kitchen… This will help cementing loyalty, making it a bit less easy for an employee to jump ship.

For remote workers, how about a holiday gift basket? And Zoom calls to show they are very much a part of the team despite not interacting in person.

The cost of hiring and training a replacement dwarfs the cost of office decoration and treats.

This is also the time to have 1-on-1 meetings with employees to find out (1) how are they doing? and (2) are they happy at your company?

How did the year go for them? Did they hit their professional goals? Were they expecting a raise and/or promotion? Is there any latent frustration in this regard?

Restate how valuable they are to the business, and how much they are appreciated. Work with them in creating a plan for what they would like to achieve for the next year.

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