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Corporate America and Job Stability:
Myth or Reality?

Corporate America and Job Stability: Myth or Reality?

As a recruiter, I often hear candidates stating they only want to work for a large company — a Tier 1, household brand-name. They perceive Corporate America as offering more stability (big corporations are less likely to go bankrupt), and more opportunities for career advancement.

There is some truth to this view, and working for a large organization has its perks.

I find it interesting, however, that Corporate America, more often than SMEs, finds itself in the news announcing massive layoffs.

Wait! That’s not fair? They have big names and massive workforces, so… of course their layoff programs will make the news more often! Well…

Over the last decade I’ve seen countless candidates caught off-guard in enterprise-wide layoff programs. So much for job stability.

And who happily scooped them up? SMEs.

Granted, the latter were not household names. But they were certainly stable, well-established businesses that were growing and adding headcount while Corporate America was shedding blood.

And history certainly seems to repeat itself today as Silicon Valley and Detroit have laid off in massive numbers in the past 6 months.

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