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A Headhunter’s #3 Trade Secret:
Insistence Demands Attention!

Once you reached out to your selective list of profiles, you may get a 10% response rate (see previous post).

You may also net a zero return.

There are 2 main reasons why an executive search performed this way wouldn’t yield any result:

1- Your targets have a job, are successful and happy. Until you reached out, they just didn’t even think of looking elsewhere.

2- They are great at their job, and other headhunters/recruiters have already made a pass at them with other opportunities.

Your opportunity isn’t clearly standing out.

Spruce it up! Reword the content of your message to make it more appealing, more unique.

But the real trade secret #3 is: INSISTENCE DEMANDS ATTENTION

Persistence will get your candidate’s attention. Swim above the noise made by other headhunters. Overcome the “automatic delete“: the most likely action your prospects will take 3-5 times when they receive your email. INSIST.

After receiving 5-6 tactful messages from you in various manners (see previous posts) in the course of 2-3 weeks, they will have remembered your name, you will have their attention. That’s when you get answers.

INSIST TO GET ATTENTION: This is key to getting results when searching for suitable executive candidates.

When you need to fill out rapidly an executive position with a suitable candidate, call us for a complimentary first consultation.