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How to Get a Candidate to Accept Your Offer

Competition for talent remains heated. When you get a candidate through your interview process and begin preparing an offer, just know they are likely to get 1-2 offers to compare with yours.

We’re dealing with a live product, a person. Who can guarantee which way they’ll go?

Be it as it may, consider these 3 points to give yourself the highest probability of landing your ideal candidate.

Compensation: Don’t underestimate the power of a strong financial package. Before extending an offer, clarify the candidate’s salary expectations. Meet or exceed those numbers. If they expect a $150k Base, consider offering $160k. This approach makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Affinity: It’s about money but also about emotional and cultural fit. Spend quality time with the candidate, establish a genuine connection. Make them feel comfortable with you, their potential colleagues, and the overall company culture. You’ll find that candidates often choose a lower-paying offer if they feel a strong personal connection with their potential boss and team.

Communication: Treat the candidate well throughout the interview process. This sets the tone for their future experience with your company. Keep communication open and consistent. A candidate who feels informed and engaged is more likely to feel like part of the team and accept your offer.

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