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If the “Great Firing” Happens, How do you
Brace up Middle Management

Inflation figures are persistently high, and the general sentiment is that the “period of steady growth” of the economy is about to turn into a full-blown recession.

What’s the playbook for HR if the Great Resignation turns into the Great Firing?

In leaner times, layoffs usually follow a Last-In-First-Out model. But push come to shove, mid-management is inevitably impacted by P&L necessities.

How then should your organization prepare its managerial structure for the next upturn?

Not-so-secret sauce: Shed mediocre players, retain most promising talent, reskill/upskill everyone. Promising talent is the future backbone of growth. Their loyalty will be forged in the crucible of hard times, with the steady support of middle management.

Powering up mid managers is therefore mission-critical for HR.

WHAT IF, however, your middle management is too weak to withstand the test of tough times?

This is where consulting firms like DSC will make a significant difference.

By entrusting specialized executive search firms like ours to fill in mission-critical positions, your organization will brace itself in time for what seems to be coming.

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