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Job Descriptions
Candidates Love

Employers are often frustrated by the lukewarm response their job offers attract.

Most companies create job descriptions elaborating at length on the desired profile.

But, in the competitive talent market of today, it is better to emphasize… WHY a candidate should be interested in the position and your organization.

When taking on a search mission, the very first thing I do is edit my client’s existing job description with the viewpoint of “what’s in it for candidates?”. What will they find attractive?

What is it about your company and this position that will captivate prospective candidates, and make them WANT your offer more than any other?

Employers should start with a summary description of their organization, followed by a list of accomplishments, awards and achievements.

Do you have strong employee reviews on Glassdoor? Provide a link.

Then come up with a summary of the position and what makes the job EXCITING!

What path-for-growth do you offer? What perks and benefits do your employees enjoy?

Now that the person is captivated by your offer, include the skills, qualifications, and personality fit you are looking for.

You will see better results when you format your job description this way.

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