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Retaining Talent in The Face of a
Wave of Resignations

We see several major reasons beneath the ongoing wave of employee resignations recently highlighted in the media.

Money: It has always been at the top of employees’ lists.
During the pandemic, many companies doled out pay cuts, lowered commission incentives, and withheld bonuses. Such decisions may be financially responsible, but ultimately, companies that avoid them retain a higher percentage of their workforce.

Commute: Employees have grown less tolerant of sitting in traffic, especially when a computer and phone are all they need to do their job… remotely.
Businesses that insist on employees returning to the office every day may lose great talent to employers offering remote work options.

Schedule flexibility: Employees love having enough flexibility to leave occasionally earlier to pick their kid up from school, or to work from home on certain days to avoid traffic, or to take an extra week of vacation each year to spend time with family… In turn, their employer receives appreciation and loyalty. This makes it that much harder for competitors to recruit valuable talent away.

Addressing those motivational factors at a strategic level may be key to HR stability for the coming months.

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