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Searching Strategically For A C-level Job

The higher one climbs the corporate ladder, the less open positions there are in any organization. Fact.

So if you are a VP or C-level candidate starting your job search, it can be a bit disheartening to go to LinkedIn or Indeed, search for “COO” AND “SaaS” in “United States”… and get few or no results.

It doesn’t mean no one is hiring for this position, however. Rather, it shows that very few employers advertise for it publicly.

At this level, most searches are done confidentially through a retained executive search firm such as Dynamic Search Consulting.

This is to make sure only the best candidates are contacted, and that the process is done discreetly. Why?

So that a replacement candidate can be identified and selected BEFORE delivering the news to the incumbent to be replaced.

What’s the best strategy then if you’re an executive job seeker?

Identify 3 good recruiters to partner with: each will have exclusive searches the others don’t. This simple strategy will open up way more opportunities.

Do you need more guidance? Would you like additional information about us to see if we ought to be part of your dynamic recruitment trio? Give us a call.