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Selecting an Executive Search Firm:
Top 3 Factors at Play


Scenario: There is a critical hiring need to fill at your organization. 90 days later, you’ve exhausted your network, resumes received are off-the-mark, and internal recruiters are not getting it done.

Your leadership now budgets outsourcing to an executive search firm. Three main factors ought to be considered:

  • Quality
    Can the executive search firm get the position filled?
    • Do they have a thorough search process involving proper due diligence in finding, attracting, and pre-qualifying candidates before submitting them to you?
    • Do they have a proven track record in filling similar positions?
  • Speed
    You bring in an external recruiter because the position should have been filled yesterday. You need to know this firm has resources available to dedicate the appropriate time to get your project done in a timely fashion.
  • Cost
    You want the best value for the money. Shop around and talk to 3 firms to compare and contrast. If you like one the best, you can then negotiate costs, showing them a lower quote.

DSC is a boutique national executive search firm with a thorough executive search process, faster than the industry standard timelines, and is offering preferential conditions for first-time clients. Give us a call for your next executive search.