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Standing Out In A Sea Of Talents

As a recruiter having the opportunity to speak with executives from a wide variety of industries, I made a key observation.

Regardless of the function (e.g. Sales, Engineering, Operations, HR, Finance) or industry (e.g. Technology, Manufacturing, CPG), everyone at the top is very good at what they do and have an impressive resume of skills, knowledge, and track record of success. That’s a prerequisite to getting there.

But in a sea of talents where many are very good at what they do, how is it that a select few make it to the top of their respective field? This recruiter’s observation: their ability to COMMUNICATE.

Communication has become severely underrated, with most treating their relations with others transactionally… An attitude of “I’ll get back to you if I need something, otherwise I’ll ignore you.”

It’s amazing to me how simple it is to communicate, and yet, most don’t do it at a high level.

If you look at any highly successful executive, you can instantly say that not only are they talented, but they can communicate and connect in a meaningful way with a large number of people who, in turn, can relate to the communication and respond to it.

In other words, they have an engaged audience filled with long-term relationships.

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