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Threatening to Quit to Get a Raise Don't

Why not?

I’m glad you asked.

In a previous post, I likened interviewing to dating and a job offer to an engagement. Well, now that you work for the company, you’re married.

While this may sound a bit dramatic, here is the metaphor I’d like you to picture: imagine going to your spouse and threatening with a divorce… This is exactly what your 2-week notice looks like.

Your employer responds by offering all the things you weren’t getting but you felt you deserved i.e. a raise and/or a promotion.

Say you accept the counter-offer and stay.

Do you really think after threatening a divorce that the relationship will stay the same or improve? Chances are your cover is blown: they know you are not loyal anymore but cannot afford to lose you… So they bought themselves some time while looking for your replacement.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade. Take my word for it and trust me: if you want a raise or a promotion, talk to your boss and HR and work it out. And if after trying your best and it’s not happening and you feel it’s time to move on, do so and don’t look back.

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