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Picking The Right Firm for Your
Executive Search Missions

What to look for when selecting the right executive search firm for your needs?

1.  Dedication of time and resources to your search: “retained” search is best for this, and ensures there is sufficient attention being given to your search and that the firm is not spread too thin.

2. Quality of Attention: In most cases, the impressive Recruiter/Sales Pro you hired won’t be working on your search. You need to know the quality of the recruiter(s) getting your mission accomplished.

3. Thorough, proven executive search process — not just a firm that posts ads and recycles resumes from their database.

4. Sufficient Replacement Guarantee: A good executive search firm is confident enough in the candidate they present to guarantee them for • at least 12 months •
Any headhunting firm offering less… operates more transactional than relationship-based.

Here at DSC, • CLIENT FIRST • is a core value we take to heart. We invest a lot of time, energy and resources to ensuring the result you are waiting for.

Our President, David Kant, personally works on every search and ensures our Executive Search Process is followed “to a T” to ensure consistent results.

Lastly, we provide an 18-24 month replacement guarantee, depending upon the level of position.

Take a look at our Process: click on LEARN MORE below.

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