Month: January 2022

Guaranteeing a long-term hire - retained executive search

Why Retained Search (Part 4)

Reason #4 why selecting a “Retained Search” partner is a wiser choice: Guaranteeing a Long-Term Hire. Every employer wants to know that the candidate they just hired will last long-term…

Omicron pushes unemployment claims higher

Jobless Claims Rise as Omicron Worries Continue

The number of Americans filing for unemployment insurance rose by an unexpected number as Omicron continues to impact the job market. David Kant of Dynamic Search Consulting joins Hunt Scanlon to discuss what he is seeing in the job market and how his firm has adjusted.

How Important is It to Have a College Degree?

How Important is It to Have a College Degree?

The short answer: it depends. If looking at the entry level job market, it is crucial. There is little-to-no work experience or other means to measure and differentiate one candidate from the rest. Some companies will even look at GPA and extra-curricular activities…

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